August 31, 2016

About Mosa Conference


In 1996, several research-minded students established the MMSRC Foundation. The main goal of the foundation is to create an environment in which students are given the opportunity to present their research through oral and poster presentation to an audience consisting of fellow students. For both the presenting and the listening students the conference became a great learning experience and therefore a good preparation for the rest of their professional career.

The first conference, held in 1997, focused entirely on Dutch students and especially those at Maastricht University. Very soon though, the focus shifted towards an international conference. The number of foreign speakers increased and so did the number of international visitors. This resulted in a conference which is visited nowadays by students from all over Europe.

Every year the new organising committee’s objective is to maintain the successful aspects of former years, while adding their own colourful details to the day.

In 2012, MMSRC joined forces with Clinical Investigator Science Symposium (CISS). At the end of the conference they announced the new name: Mosa Conference. The new name finalises the merge between the two committees, allows for further growth in future so we can offer you a larger and better conference.