November 30, 2018

Mosa Team

From left to right: Jacco, Eda, Paige, Pilar, Caro, Marvin, Lisa, Ellen, Mike, Anne-marie, Britt, Iris, Michel, Mercedes, Kim, Doaa



The board




We are Annemarie (Treasurer), Mike (President), and Ellen (Secretary), and we are the new board of the Mosa Conference! Even though you probably won’t hear as much from us as you will from our committees, we ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Together we will work towards another successful edition of the Mosa Conference. We hope to see you there!







We are Eda, Pilar, Kim and Michel and together we are part of the Logistics committee of the MOSA Conference 2019. Our responsibility is to make sure that the facilities and equipment needed for the conference, especially for the numerous lectures, workshops and poster presentations, will be arranged. Furthermore, we will develop the program, take care of the registrations and the catering during the event. We are very excited to welcome you at the MOSA Conference on June 25th and 26th 2019!





Scientific programme

We are Doaa, Jacco and Marvin and together we form the scientific programme committee of Mosa 2019. It is our goal to organize interesting lectures and compelling workshops for the broad, interdisciplinary audience visiting the Mosa conference this year. Additionally, we are in charge of the abstract submissions and we also organize the jury who will grade your abstracts and posters. We are happy to organize the scientific part of Mosa for you and we hope that you will have a nice, informative and enjoyable Mosa experience!





Public Relations

We are Britt, Mercedes and Paige and we are the PR committee for Mosa Conference 2019! We arrange all of the promotional material for the conference via social media and postering campaigns. We are committed to keeping you up-to-date on the conference and its mission. By working together with student associations, ambassadors, and various partners around the Netherlands and Europe, we promote the Mosa Conference both locally and internationally. We look forward to seeing you on June 25th and 26th!






Let us briefly introduce ourselves: we are Caro, Iris and Lisa and we are this years acquisition team of the Mosa Conference 2019. Our main focus is to collaborate with new and previous partners of the Mosa Conference to improve this years conference for the attendances, students and partners. To make this happen, we set out to establish and maintain strong and valuable partnerships. For students, the Mosa Conference is a great opportunity of meeting new people in their field and exploring possible career options for the future. Sponsors have the opportunity to meet with enthusiastic students. All sponsor packages for this year have been improved! If you are interested in working with us for the Mosa Conference; please feel free to contact us!