November 30, 2018

Mosa Team

Below you will find the committees of Mosa Conference 2020 and a short description of their tasks.


The board





Hi, we’re Yves (secretary), Jade (president), and Wouter (treasurer) and we are the board of Mosa Conference 2020. Our job is to make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Together with the committees, we will organize another successful conference. We’re looking forward to this edition and hope to see you there!



Hi, we are from left to right, Puck, Hanneke, Emma, Evi, and Zylienne. We are the Logistics Committee of the MOSA conference 2020. We make sure that all the facilities and equipment needed for the lectures, workshops, and poster presentations are there on both days. From lecture halls to nice food to posterboards to decoration. Additionally, we are also in charge of making the schedule and taking care of the registration. Hope to see you there!




Scientific programme

We are Sanne, Stefanie, and Wisanne and together we form the Scientific Programme Committee of Mosa 2020. As SP committee we often have to cooperate with other committees and stakeholders and have multiple different tasks regarding the organization. Amongst others, it is our main goal to arrange exciting lectures and compelling workshops for the broad, interdisciplinary audience visiting the Mosa conference this year. Furthermore, we are in charge of the abstract submissions and recruiting the jury who will grade the abstracts and posters. We are pleased to arrange the scientific part of Mosa for you and we hope that you will have a nice, informative, and enjoyable Mosa experience!




Public Relations

Hi! This year’s PR committee for Mosa Conference 2020 consists of Deja, Daimy, and Lieze. We will make sure you are fully up-to-date on all the new information regarding the conference. Our main task is to promote the Mosa Conference both on local and international level by posting informational material on our socials and poster campaigns. Furthermore, we will be working with student associations, ambassadors, and partners to make this event as fun and educational as possible!





We, Samantha, Louisa, and Rosa, are the new team of acquisition for the Mosa Conference 2020. We focus on collaborating with new and previous partners of the conference as well as on finding new sponsors to improve this year´s conference for the attendances, students, and partners. To make this happen, we set out to establish and maintain strong and valuable partnerships. It is up to us to make the acquisition revenues intended by the treasurer in the budget conclusive. As Biomedical Science students we want to help our fellow students to use the Mosa Conference as an opportunity to approach people in their field of research, explore possible career options, and learn about current research. In addition, sponsors can meet with enthusiastic students or introduce their research through booths, workshops, or sponsoring goodie bags, that will be distributed during the congress.
If you are interested in getting involved in the upcoming conference; please feel free to contact us!