August 31, 2016

Mosa Conference 2013

Conference theme

Mosa Conference 2013 was all about infectious diseases with its theme: Outbreak! The Battle Against Infectious Diseases. With fantastic speakers like prof. dr. Paul Savelkoul and dr. Sander Herfst it turned out a well-visited and successful 17th edition. Lectures about upcoming infections like the infamous H5N1 virus and infectious diseases of the 21st century were some of the highlights of the day. Furthermore, very interesting workshops about bioterrorism and antibiotics given by dr. Stef Stienstra and dr. Dennis Claessen were being held at the conference.



Prof. dr. Roel Coutinho

Dr. Sander Herfst

Prof. dr. Paul Savelkoul



Dr. Dennis Claessen

Dr. Jori Symons

Prof. dr. Stef Stienstra

Dr. Reinout van Crevel

(Bio)medical student research

The (bio)medical abstracts of the students, assessed by a professional jury, were the core of the conference. The jury consisted of experts in the field, as well as medical students. The future researchers with the best abstracts were invited to present their research to a large audience. This proved once again that Mosa Conference is the place to be for the future’s best researchers! At the end of the day the prizes were awarded by the Mayor of Maastricht, Onno Hoes; the head of the jury, Pieter Leffers; the chairman of KNMG Limburg, dr. Leo Baur and the president of Mosa Conference 2013, Tom Schiffler.