January 19, 2017

Mosa Conference 2017

The committee of Mosa Conference 2017 proudly presents the central theme for the coming year:

We are living in a world that is evolving so rapidly around us. Each day, we encounter new technologies and innovations. Some of them facilitate our lives, while others happen to change them completely. This is especially true when it comes to the field of (bio)medical sciences. Researchers continuously push the boundaries of science and technology, opening new ways and creating new possibilities that once might have seemed impossible. Robotics-guided operations, operation knives that analyze and characterize the tissue they are cutting in, genetic modification with CRISPR/CAS9, 3D printing of organs, embryo selection… a few years ago, these scenarios would have been unthinkable. Today however, these are becoming reality.

As all of this occurs so fast, we, as Mosa team, want to grab the opportunity and not only look at the recent discoveries, tools and techniques in research and medicine, but also at those that lie ahead of us! As such, Mosa Conference will not just shed light on future therapeutics and diagnostic techniques, but also discuss research, prevention and health care policy of the future.

How does tomorrow’s health care look like? What can we expect form our future? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Are we even able to handle or stop ongoing progress and discoveries, or would we (perhaps) be better off without certain changes? These are just a few questions we seek to answer at the Mosa Conference.

So, come and join the Mosa Conference 2017. Together we will take a look at what science holds for us in the future! 

Because the science of today, is the technology of tomorrow. And well,…we think the future is what we make out of it and yes, the best is yet to come!