August 31, 2016

Organising Committee

Each edition of Mosa Conference is organised by a group of enthusiastic and research-minded students.
We are the 21st committee of Mosa Conference and we are looking forward to the coming year!
Nice to meet you!

The Team

Our board
As the new board of Mosa Conference 2017, we would like to introduce ourselves! We are Kirsten (President), Jean (Treasurer) and Caroline (Secretary). You most likely won’t hear as much from us, as from public relations and the other commissions, however, as a whole we will make sure that everything runs smoothly on the background. Offering a great and valuable experience for Mosa’s participants.
We hope to see you all at the Mosa Conference 2017!

Our logistics team
We are Juul, Claudia, Lieke and Katerina, the Logistics committee of this year’s Mosa Conference. We are responsible for creating the event’s program and providing the facilities and equipment needed for the lectures, workshops and poster presentations that will take place. At the moment we are also arranging the catering and photography services. During the days of the conference we will be handling the registration and ensuring that everyone is able to attend the sessions they have signed up for. We want all participants to have an enjoyable, positive experience.

We are very excited to be organizing Mosa Conference 2017 and hope to meet you on June 21st and 22nd!


Our PR team

We are Nicky, Valéry and Noor and this year we will be responsible for all public relations of Mosa Conference. This is why you will probably hear from us in the next few months on Facebook and other social media.

Mosa is not only about presenting your research, but also about interesting workshops, getting in touch with the latest research and increasing your professional network. As PR team we want you to enjoy the Mosa Conference as much as possible. And what would be better than doing so, while making chance upon winning some exciting gifts as well?
So far, we can announce that we are busy preparing some prize draws at the Mosa Conference in June. So make sure you are present! The lucky winners won’t be disappointed!
We are very excited for this year’s edition and we hope to see you during our promo actions!

Our scientific program team

We – Pim Damen, Thomas Avery and Maximilian Kloft – are the members of the Scientific Programme Commission and are responsible for the “scientific” aspects of Mosa Conference. We work hard to invite the most interesting and enthusiastic speakers and we will be organizing interactive workshops. Furthermore, we’re gathering the jury members who judge the abstracts and posters. The best research papers will be rewarded appropriately! – The best one for the win!*

We’re looking forward to Mosa Conference 2017!

Our aquisition team

Hello there, We are Veerle, Johnny and Tamara and as part of the Acquisitions Committee for the Mosa Conference we make sure there is enough money to organize this amazing event.

Money makes the world go round, and we utilize our suberb communication skills to convince our sponsors that Mosa Conference is worth investing in. Without our sponsors we would not be able to make the Mosa Conference a reality. We are excited to announce that we have almost reached our end-goal! (If you are interested in collaborating with Mosa Conference do not hesitate to email us at

As the acquisitions committee we want to reiterate that our purpose is not to only make sure there is enough sponsors to finance Mosa Conference; it’s more than that! Remember that behind every sponsor, be it a company or a research institute, there is an opportunity for a future career. We want you to see Mosa Conference as an opportunity to find contacts which will facilitate the path to your future job.
You won’t hear much from us, as we work behind the scenes. Or it’s because we are ninjas. At this point we don’t even know anymore. Just know that the goodiebag you get at the conference has been provided by us with the uttermost care. Also, don’t forget we managed to score some awesome prices to give away during the conference so do your best!