August 31, 2016

Organising Committee

Each edition of Mosa Conference is organised by a group of enthusiastic and research-minded students.
We are the 22st committee of Mosa Conference and we are looking forward to the coming year!
Nice to meet you!


The Team

Our board

As the new board of Mosa Conference 2018, we would like to introduce ourselves! We are Tom (President), Kay (Treasurer) and Thijs (Secretary). You most likely won’t hear as much from us, as from public relations and the other commissions, however, as a whole we will make sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. We are very excited to offer all Mosa’s participants a great and valuable experience.
We hope to see you all on the 19th and 20th of June.

Our logistics team

We, Ann-Kathrin, Sara, Fatma and Frederieke, will be the Logistics committee of the Mosa Conference 2018. It is our responsibility to make sure that the facilities and equipment needed for the conference, especially for the numerous lectures, workshops and poster presentations, will be provided. Furthermore, we will create the program, take care of the registrations and the catering during the event. Behind the scenes, we will make sure that the Conference runs smoothly and you can enjoy it by meeting new people and learning as well as discussing about serval topics.

We are very excited to organize the Mosa Conference 2018 and hope to see you on June 19th and 20th!

Our PR team

We are Esmee, Laura and Mara and we are the organizing public relations committee of Mosa Conference 2018. We will keep you updated this year via our website, social media and in person, and we are responsible for making posters, flyers and postcards as well. Currently, we are working hard to get the website and social media updated to present our overall theme for Mosa 2018. We hope this year will bring us a wonderful year full of opportunities to gain our knowledge as being part of this team. We hope to see you all at Mosa Conference 2018!

Our scientific program team


We, Lea, Janine and Esther are the members of the Scientific Program commission and we’ll make sure there will be an interesting program for you during the Mosa conference. We are arranging interesting speakers and challenging workshops, to make it two interesting days for all of you! Furthermore we are busy gathering the jury members to judge all the abstracts and make sure the best one gets the best prizes. We are very happy to organize this for you and hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do!

Our aquisition team

Hello! We are Daniëlle, Jelma and Hannah, the Acquisitions Committee for MOSA Conference 2018.

To make this conference happen, we will recruit enthusiastic sponsors/investors which see this conference as an opportunity as much as we do. The sponsors not only finance the conference, but also have an impact on its design and formation. The more interesting sponsors we are able to recruit, the more interesting MOSA Conference will be for you as a participant. On the other hand, for investors it will be a great opportunity to see so many talented, interested, smart and enthusiastic students. We also want you to consider MOSA Conference as an opportunity to find new contacts with health care companies which could facilitate future job hunting. For sure it will be a benefit in both directions! Finally, we try to find the best goodies for in the goodie bag that you will get during MOSA Conference 2018!

If you are interested in collaborating with MOSA Conference do not hesitate to email us at