September 5, 2016


Associations & other conferences


In4Med is a four-day Medical Scientific Congress located in Coimbra (Portugal) since 2011. It is organised for and by medical student, with the main objective of promoting the interest for medical progression by participating directly  in the training of those who will one day become the medical professionals of the future. This year’s congress will take place from 21 – 24 February 2019. For more information visit the website or find them through social media!



Internation Congress of Medical Sciences (ICMS) is an international event in Sofia, Bulgaria. This forum  gives an opportunity to medical students and young doctors from all over the world to present their research work in a number of oral and poster sessions. It will take place in the period 9 – 12 May 2019. Check out the website, twitter, facebook page or instagram for more updates!

Leiden International Medical Student Conference

LIMSC (the Leiden International (bio)Medical Student Conference) is the largest biannual student conference in the world. Founded in 1999, LIMSC strives to create an opportunity for (bio)medical students to present their research and to share knowledge whilst meeting their peers. The 10th edition in 2017 had more than 500 participants from 63 nationalities. This year’s conference will take place on 13 – 17 March 2019. For more information visit the website or find them on facebook!


The Bukovinian International Medical Congress (BIMCO) is the biggest international medical and pharmaceutical congress of students and young scientists in Ukraine. It offers the opportunity to share your achievements and ideas in theoretical, experimental and clinical medicine, as well as humanitarian and organizational aspects of medical and pharmaceutical industries. The four-day conference will take place from 2 – 5 April 2019. Check out the website, facebook page or instagram for more updates!


AIMS Meeting (Annual International (bio)Medical Students Meeting) is a three-day conference advocated by the Faculty of Medicine of the Lisbon Students’ Local Committee. It highlights the importance of medical education for all students of health sciences though a diverse approach. The upcoming edition will take place from the 14 – 17 March 2019. For more information visit the website, twitter or find them on facebook!


INAMSC (Indonesian International (Bio)Medical Students’ Congress) is the biggest scientific event held by medical students in Indonesia. INAMSC 2019 is going to be held from 25 – 28 April 2019. As the biggest scientific platform in Indonesia intended for international and national medical and biomedical students, INAMSC offers the opportunity for students majoring in medical and biomedical sciences all across the globe to engage in scientific discussions and to exchange knowledge. Check out the website, facebook page or instagram for more updates!

GSC Belgrade

Global Students’ Conference of Biomedical Sciences (GSC) in Belgrade is the annual biomedical conference for students of Serbia. The 6th GSC will take place from 17-19 October 2019. Their desire is to bring together undergraduate and postgraduatie students of biomedical sciences and give the the opportunity to present their scientific work, as well to discuss it with their colleagues and leading experts. The conference offers an introduction to the research fields for the students,  a chance to acquire and share knowledge and skills and implement contemporary knowledge of biomedical sciences.


Antwerp Medical Students’ Congress

The Antwerp Medical Students’ Congress (AMSC) is a five day event full of promising lectures and workshops for students by local and international speakers. Visit the beautiful city of Antwerp  and attend the AMSC while also getting the chance to enjoy what our city has to offer! Check out the website, facebook page or instagram @antwerpmsc for more updates. 


The Croatian Student Summit is already a part of the Faculty’s tradition, having its fifteenth edition this year.  CROSS is a place for exchanging ideas, spreading information, achieving co-operation and long-term acquaintances. The aim of CROSS is to enable students and young scientists to learn at the very beginning of their careers and to learn importance and purpose of participating in congresses as part of their further education. The congress takes place at 9 -12 April 2019 at the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine. Check out their website and facebook page for more info and updates!


The Medical International Conference for Students (MEDICS) is a medical congress organized by the Scientific Organization of Medical Students. The congress is an innovative and dynamic event with world-renowned speakers where you will be provided with the annual dose of inspiring ideas at our conferences, workshops, keynote lectures and round tables. It takes place at 11 -14 April 2019 at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest. For more information, visit the website or facebook page!


The Juveniles Pro Medicina Conference is organised by the Students’ Scientific Association at the Medical University of Lodz. Their goal is to create an international, scientific event for young scientists, where they can share and present their best work. This year’s conference is held at 24th and 25th of May 2019. Keep up with their website and facebook page for more info and the latest news!

Warsaw International Medical  Congress

We believe that there is a huge need of international meetings for medical students. Such events provoke discussion, lead to mutual cooperation, provide inspiration and encourage young scientists to further endeavors. Therefore, we would like to invite you to Warsaw International Medical Congress 2019 edition. Students from all over the world are welcome to register and present their research, attend workshops, keynote lectures and thematic sessions. 

MUST International Research  Congress

MIRC is the first student-run international medical research congress to take place in Egypt. It is organized annually, starting August 2019 and taking place for 3 days (excluding the pre- and post-congress). The congress will bring together medical students and graduates from all over the globe to exchange skills, experience and culture. Visit the facebook page for the latest information about the next congress.



Practical Knowledge for Students (PKS) is an International Congress organized by the Student Societies of the University of Split School of Medicine in Split, Croatia. The aim is to offer medical, dental medicine and pharmacy students the most essential practical knowledge and skills necessary for their future professions through numerous workshops, lectures and other activities. This year’s congress will take place from 4th – 7th of April. Check their website, instagram and facebook page for more info!






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