May 28, 2017


This year there are 7 workshops to attend during the conference. Subscription for the workshops is possible via this webpage, underneath the workshop description.

Drugs are becoming too expensive! how do we fix it?

Workshop given by: UAEM Maastricht

Max. number participants: 50

Description: Drugs are becoming increasingly more expensive. The problem is not limited to lower and middle income countries anymore, it is one of the major issues in healthcare facing high income countries such as the Netherlands. In this workshop, we would like to address this issue and discuss possible ّ”alternative” solutions to tackle the problem.

Location: akenzaal (B0.673)

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Careers in Science

Workshop given by: Surge for Science

Max. number participants: 20

Description: Being invited for a job interview is step one. But now it is time to seal the deal. How do you make a good first impression? The key to a successful experience is the preparation. What questions can you expect? How do you need to answer them? What do you bring to the interview? And what do you wear? In this workshop we will discuss and practise how to prepare yourself for and present yourself in a job interview. Do you want to amaze the recruiter and leave a good first impression? Subscribe for this interactive session!

Location: Tongerenzaal (A0.771)

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The Human Right to Health & Globalisation

Workshop given by: Dr. Jennifer Sellin

Max. number participants: 50

Description: The right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, or in short the right to health, is a fundamental human right. It does not entail a right to be healthy, but encompasses a number of freedoms and entitlements to enable individuals to attain their highest standard of health possible. The right to health can be found in several international human rights treaties – such as the 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights with currently 167 state parties – and in many domestic constitutions.

Through the use of real-life cases, we will explore the link between human rights and health, especially in light of the process of globalisation.

Questions posed include: what is the value of a human rights-based approach to health? What does the right to health entail? Who are right holders and who are duty-bearers? What is the impact of globalisation on the right to health?

Location: Heerlenzaal (C1.667)

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Antimicrobial resistance

Workshop given by: Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM), Berend Beishuizen
Max. number participants: 25
Description: Antimicrobial resistance in long-term care
In this workshop, we explore a hypothetical but realistic case of human-to-human transmission of resistant bacteria in long-term care, and the dilemma’s that are associated with fighting antimicrobial resistance.
The spread of resistant bacteria is an area of increasing concern in healthcare and society. Bacteria are everywhere; in humans, in the environment, in food and in animals. In the Netherlands, the control of antibiotic resistance is relatively good. However, resistant bacteria can still present a health risk to more vulnerable people, such as those admitted to healthcare institutions. Therefore, we have to continue efforts to protect our most vulnerable people.
Location: Maastrichtzaal (B0.647)

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The divisions of Nanoscopy and Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Workshop given by: M4I

Max. number participants: 15


M4I Stand presentation and Lab tour, during the workshop you’ll visit both laboratories.
M4I Nanoscopy Laboratory: Advanced Light and Cryo-Electron Microscopy
“This trip to M4I will embed you in the most advanced cutting edge techniques and instruments in the Microscopy field.
How to get sub-nanometer resolution of the structure of proteins key in the development of certain diseases, how to get in situ information about the strategy used by viruses and bacteria to infect cells, how to know the 3D architecture of cellular structures involved in pathological processes from biopsies or organoids? These are some of the questions to be answered in this nanoscopic trip”
M4I Imaging mass spectrometry laboratory
“Our passion is to develop and apply state-of-the-art mass spectrometry based molecular imaging approaches for nanomedicine and biomedical research, including mass spectrometry as a diagnostic and prognostic tool for personalized medicine in oncology, neurology and cardiovascular medicine.
Do you want to experience the surgery of the future? Come and get inspired by our rapid intra-operative tissue diagnosis technology that will lead to personalized operations and treatment tailored to the individual!”
Location: meeting at registration point

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CV & LinkedIn

Workshop given by: Integrand Maastricht

Max. number participants: 25


Are you ready to enter the labour market and to get yourself a job or internship? Does your CV and LinkedIn need a bit of refreshment? Optimize your CV and LinkedIn profile during the Integrand CV and LinkedIn workshop!

During the workshop we will explain how to use LinkedIn to network, how to find relevant vacancies and how to get an All Star profile. So do you want to learn how you can professionalize your CV and LinkedIn profile? Register now for the workshop, so you can kickstart your career!

Please bring your own CV with you to the workshop!

Location: Keulenzaal (C0.553)

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Organ-on-Chip Competition 2018

Workshop given by: Merln Maastricht University

The Organ on Chip Competition is an initiative directed for master students of biomedical sciences (and related fields) to create awareness of this type of technological platforms. We aim that through education, we’ll help preparing the new generation of scientists and medical players on the use (and further development) of novel lab-on-chip tools for diagnosis in complex cell culture models.

On this first edition, we are looking for 2-5 persons team to produce a video that explains to a broad audience what Organ-on-Chip is. You’ll have a mentor (PhD student) who will help the team to choose an organ/disease model and to select the technical platform you should focus for mimicking the physiological system of choice.

This workshop will bring you more information about the competition and clarify the competition procedure.

More info will be soon available at the competition website, to be announced.

Location: Diepenbeekzaal (A0.737)

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